Building Partners

R-Hauz is enabling Canada’s next generation of sustainable, affordable housing.

Modeled on the automotive industry, a standardized core, integrated with a proprietary “kit of parts” can be assembled on urban sites to meet individual user needs. R-Hauz has a mission to gently densify amenity rich neighbourhoods with turnkey housing solutions built faster, more sustainably, and at a lower cost.

With 85% of all Canadians living in cities, and the predominant housing type being single-detached homes, or tall towers, delivering the right kind of housing is more important than ever. R-Hauz delivers missing middle homes that work within the existing urban fabric, increasing density while supporting the local community.

Happi has partnered with 3 leading design firms to create designer backyard housing models built on the R-Hauz system: Superkul, Forma Design and Pencil Design.

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Happi Lane by Superkul

Superkül designs inviting, flexible, functional spaces that are mindful of human connections to the built and natural environment.
We cannot design for current generations without considering the impact on future generations. This balance is carefully considered in all of Süperkul’s designs, keeping sustainability at the forefront.

Happi Garden by Forma

Danish architecture firm Forma has designed models that follow the rule of the Golden Ratio, creating universal, timeless, design-aesthetic proportions.
The interior layouts offer multiple configurations for the homeowner to prioritize the best use of space for their individual needs. With great craftsmanship and sustainably sourced materials, Forma believes cities around the world can be welcoming and sustainable.

Happi Bungalow by Pencil

Coming Soon

Arcana Cabin by Happi

Coming Soon

The Assessment

Once you get your property review, Happi will visit your property to discuss your dream vision in more detail.
From there, we’ll advise on any additional detailed assessments you’ll need including surveys, plumbing, electrical, and soil, to ensure accurate costing, timeline, and product selection.

The Design

The fun part! We’ll work with you to find your perfect match for your new climate-friendly backyard house.  
By the end of the process, we’ll have a permit application ready to go!

The Build

Watch the excitement unfold in your backyard while we take care of the rest.
Happi will coordinate and oversee the installation of your Happi backyard house.  This whole process can take as little as six months, and we’ll be with you from start to finish.

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